BELGIAN FLAG – BANDEIRA BELGA – BANDERA BELGA        Flag_of_Belgium_(civil).svg

You are a EU citizen? Your boat is LOA max. 25m? Then you can also get a Belgian flag with all the advantages e.g. less taxes, no degree required, no technical inspection and much more.

How? Contact Ward Van Loo, lawyer/sailer/RYA Yachtmaster. He will help you with all the administration work and can advise you on regulations.

   foto: Ward Van Loo with Jimmy Cornell

Ward Van Loo, Advocaat-Abogado-Advogado-Atterney at law       Cornell

Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 164 bus 14

2020 Antwerpen


tel. +32 475 457814 (free calling via Whats App)

P  Com ter bandeira Belga? Muitos beneficios.

Contacto: advogado Ward Van Loo


E Quieres una bandera Belga para tu barco? Muchos ventajas. más barato que una bandera española.

Contacto: abogado Ward Van Loo